Hello there.
I'm Laurie Litten.

Professional candle collector, lead designer, founder, lighting savant, and undisputed queen of finding new houses to reno.

I'm Laurie - self-taught design guru (if I do say so myself), wife, mom and reno-lover at heart. Together with my husband, we have lovingly renovated four FIVE homes together - on shoestring budgets, to luxe upgrades - now it's time to share this passion with you.

my favorite part of my job? the look on your face when you see your design come to life.


I'm AN ENNEAGRAM 7 to the max
OBSESSED WITH architecture
aruba is always a good idea 
PET PEEVE? messy spaces
in search of: yummy candles
drinks two espressos daily
always wearing black + grey
secretly great at music trivia

The ache for home lives in all of us. 

- maya angelou